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Matt Doyle - Beginning PHP 5.3 [Скопировать ссылку]

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Название: Beginning PHP 5.3
Автор: Matt Doyle
Ссылка на автора в ЛитПедии: -
Издательство: Wrox Programmer
Релиз: Cimmerian Team
ISBN: 0470413964
Год: January 6, 2011
Страниц: 840
Формат: MOBI
Размер: 5.4 Mb
Качество: -
Серия и выпуск: -
Язык: English
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This book is intended for anyone starting out with PHP programming. If you’ve previously worked in another programming language such as Java, C#, or Perl, you’ll probably pick up the concepts in the earlier chapters quickly; however, the book assumes no prior experience of programming or of building Web applications.That said, because PHP is primarily a Web technology, it will help if you have at least some knowledge of other Web technologies, particularly HTML and CSS.Many Web applications make use of a database to store data, and this book contains three chapters on working with MySQL databases. Once again, if you’re already familiar with databases in general — and MySQL in particular — you’ll be able to fly through these chapters. However, even if you’ve never touched a database before in your life, you should still be able to pick up a working knowledge by reading through these chapters.What This Book CoversThis book gives you a broad understanding of the PHP language and its associated technologies. You explore a wide range of topics, including:
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  • installing a copy of the PHP engine on Ubuntu Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X; other ways you can install or use PHP; how to write a simple PHP script.
  • basic PHP language concepts. variables, data types, operators, expressions, and constants.
  • how to change the flow of your scripts by creating decisions and loops. if, else, and switch statements; the ternary operator; and the do, while, for, break, and continue statements. how to nest loops, and how to mix decisions and looping with blocks of HTML.
  • PHP’s handling of strings, or sequences of characters; how to create strings; how to retrieve characters from a string; and how to manipulate strings with functions such as strlen(), substr(), strstr(), strpos(), str_replace(), and printf(), to name but a few.
  • arrays — variables that can hold multiple values. You learn the difference between indexed and associative arrays, and find out how to create arrays and access their individual elements; array manipulation, including functions such as print_r(), array_slice(), count(), sort(), array_merge(), and list(). You also learn how to create foreach loops, as well as how to work with multidimensional arrays.
  • functions — blocks of code that you can use again and again. You look at how to call built-in functions, and how to work with variable functions. You also study how to create your own functions, including defining parameters, returning values, understanding scope, and using anonymous functions. Other function-related topics such as references and recursion are also explored.
  • object-oriented programming. You look at the advantages of an object-oriented approach, and learn how to build classes, properties, and methods, and how to create and use objects. You also explore more advanced topics such as overloading, inheritance, interfaces, constructors and destructors, autoloading, and namespaces.
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          From the Back Cover    A solid introduction to writing powerful web applications using PHP 5.3As one of the most popular open-source web-programming languages in use today, PHP is an ideal server-side scripting language that connects HTML-based web pages to a backend database for dynamic content. It allows you to create anything from a simple form-to-email script to a web forum application, a blogging platform, or a content management system. This guide introduces the PHP language and shows how to write powerful web applications using PHP.
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    • Looks at the ways that PHP programs interact with web servers and other technologies such as HTML
    • Teaches you how to build robust web applications and change the flow of your scripts with decisions and loops
    • Examines ways to create and use strings, arrays, objects, functions, and files in your scripts
    • Shares tips for creating interactive web forms in PHP, as well as capturing user input
    • Unveils methods for preserving an application's state between page views
    • Offers advice on how to work with MySQL databases using PHP
    • Includes best practices for using PEAR to speed up your application development
    • Presents techniques for manipulating XML from within your PHP scripts
    • Walks you through the creation and manipulation of web graphics using PHP
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    Programmer Forums  t. o, a9 x: S$ j; j! H
    Join our Programmer to Programmer forums to ask and answer programming questions about this book, join discussions on the hottest topics in the industry, and connect with fellow programmers from around the world.Code Downloads
    ! ~7 K! O- R& E; u/ \% l8 y5 CTake advantage of free code samples from this book, as well as code samples from hundreds of other books, all ready to use.Read More
    ( i1 R! l: U  d0 r9 B  x8 ~( L! wFind articles, ebooks, sample chapters and tables of contents for hundreds of books, and more reference resources on programming topics that matter to you.Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.
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1 Q' Q) Z) |" c* P2 u, @5 |5 _" QСкачать электронную книгу Beginning PHP 5.3 by M.Doyle в формате Amazon Kindle (Mobi) для чтения на устройствах Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android (необходимо просто авторизоваться):; H7 j* v8 }9 T5 d& p. G( V* R

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